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Total Outsource, Inc. (TOI) Offers Engineering Outsource solutions to clients across the globe, tailored to their specific engineering and manufacturing needs.

TOI was established in 2002 in Roselle, IL. Its parent company is the three decades old US based UCA Group.

TOI partners with over a 1000 associates networking across facilities situated in USA, Canada Europe and India. We employ a pragmatic approach in serving our clients. Our customized business models work within specific budget constraints. Ours is a ISO certified company ( International Standards Organization 9001:2008). We have a stringent process to ensure protection of intellectual property while we offer quality solutions and delivery within deadlines, every time.

At Total Outsource we leverage a proven delivery model for various Engineering and Manufacturing support activities. We provide substantial benefits which could be measured in terms of cost, time, flexibility, increase market capability and optimized design cycle there by increasing the return on investment and helping companies to market their products and services faster.

We assist companies to advance their engineering design cycle and reduce design time, thus providing a competitive edge. We also address our clients needs to seek services beyond shores.

We specialize in CAD/CAE and our best practices encompass various engineering disciplines. While serving our global clients across the varied domains and verticals.

We offer services for key verticals like business and technology consulting, engineering services, Structural Steel Detailing, IT infrastructure services and Technical Documentation. We provide solutions in-line with our client's needs for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies merge.

We have set standards in excellence that has translated into measurable results for our Clients. Our outsourcing model has been adopted and validated by our clients worldwide.

75% faster time-to-market
35% cost savings
35% productivity enhancements