Electrical Engineering

Product Design

Energy conservation and the associated cost savings is an important requirement for discerning companies. The rising cost of power has brought to fore the need to produce, distribute and utilize power efficiently. Given the rapid advances in engineering, you must also leverage your electrical systems to optimize processes, modernize designs and re-engineer equipment to reduce your cost of production / operation.

Electrical Engineering Services from TOI give you the ability to solve complex power system challenges and design an environment that uses power as a strategic asset to streamline operations, reduce energy footprint and increase overall profitability. In keeping with our best practises, our services adhere to global standards such as CE, IEC, NEMA, and CSA. Our electrical engineering services include the following:

New product development
Electric circuit design
Controls design
PLC programming
HMI development / SCADA
Reverse engineering
Field Support

TOI Guarantee

End-to-end support from power system assessment through design studies & NPD
Expertise in using a wide range of technologies and tools
Lesser time to market for new products, modifications and enhancements
Rapid prototyping and manufacturing support

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