Today our every business activity is based on information and communication technology. In this level of playing field, opportunities are galore for those  whose business has enough  resources and great competence.  TOI is the best choice among all, as we are expert in handling inbound and outbound call center.

We greatly invest money and resources on our call center executives as they are recognized as the most integral part in an  organization.

We give them special training and make them go through workshops that make them specialized. When our clients feel that their customers are satisfied with the customer support, it is our success.

In nutshell, we are one of the leading BPO companies in India and have been providing state- of-the-art call center services to  our clients since long time. We have great experience into this industry as we have worked  with clients located around the  world.

Our Service offerings include:

Avatar Dialing: TOI provides state-of-the-art Avatar service, which is particularly designed to mask foreign agent’s accents so that they can boost sales leads without bearing a loss of productivity.

As we are familiar with the fact that conversation loss happens due to cheap off shore labour, when lead generation is performed with an international accent. So, we solve this complex communication issue of our clients by providing them Avatar software, which is designed with the latest technologies. It basically allows our representatives to convert prospects into potential business leads while making our clients to enjoy the benefit of using low-priced labour.

We begin our Avatar services with developing a script for our clients and launching a campaign quickly and efficiently. We have power of people, process and expertise to launch and run sales campaigns in a successful manner. Our Avatar team has agents, managers and quality control specialists who handle each call to monitor conversations and responses professionally.

Our Avatar Calling Services are:
    • Data Collection
    • Fund Raising
    • Sales Calls
    • Lead Generation
    • Customer Service

Our Avatar service is featured with:
    • Integrated tools for business intelligence: Analyse the data and check company margins, functioning and productivity.
    • Set up in different stages: Each separate module is combined with existing systems of clients
    • Dedicated Development Team: Client support panel has broad practical experience in handling variety of organizations
Today, businesses demand customer-focused technical solutions with world class services. We at TOI stand on their commitments and provide state-of-the-art Technical Support services. We provide speedy troubleshooting methods along with the customized technical solutions that satisfy needs of customers. We have robust server management system, which supplies safe and solid solutions for network communication. Being one of the best tech support service companies, we facilitate interconnection between workplaces, even if they are located at different locations.

TOI’s technical support services offer deployment & network outsource services, maintenance, integration, operations & management and other such features. We monitor next generation BPO services along with the network applications. With incredible tech support system and experienced team of people, our customers can enjoy great benefits while lowering the costs and reducing risks as well. We provide technical support to different parts of the world with a promise to provide quality service and abide by the timelines.

Benefits of our technical support services:
    • Rationalized process to run business
    • Skilled & trained helpdesk executives to provide assistance
    • Upgrade customer support services
    • Web-based lucrative tech support services
    • Round-the-clock technical support to manage things
    • Save time, money, effort and resources

Outsourcing technical support might be an expensive task for companies, but not with TOI, as we offer tech support services at a very competitive price. We have a world-class team of technical experts who closely work with the customer support department of companies for having easy & advanced solutions to all technical glitches of a customer support system.
TOI is one of the pioneer BPO and Call Center service providers, which is also expertise in Non-Voice Technical Support. With this, we provide quality, experience, competencies and timely response of customer’s queries.

We have a team of non-voice technical support executives who are highly expertise in handling all kinds of non-voice technical tasks such as form filling, data conversion and data processing efficiently. Since inception, we have been fulfilling communication-based requirements of our clients all over the world with standard approach towards BPO industry. Today, it is our pride that we have clients across the globe.

Our non-voice technical support services:
    • Customization to the unique requirements of your business
    • Flexible and workable non-voice technical solutions
    • Collaborative features to provide timely BPO services
    • Workflow configuration and task automation
    • Optimized internal support processes
    • Our clients across the globe have dramatically reduced costs and improved quality of services by outsourcing their non-voice technical support from us. They have shown confidence in us for managing non-voice queries of their customers.We offer superior call center technical support (non-voice) services with world-class helpdesk infrastructure, qualified engineers with technical & customer support skills, non-voice support skills, quality & process maturity and reliable telecommunication
    • As we believe information is a key to business success, so we make a better flow of information between our clients and their customers by resolving technical issues on time. In nutshell, TOI is the largest and most preferable international BPO and call center service provider, which give better non-voice technical support to businesses at large.
Email support has now become a basic and major medium of transmitting real-time essential data and so, it influences customer relationships. That is why most companies are willingly to outsource email management services. TOI has proficient manpower and resources to handle emails of customers efficiently.

We have a team of email management specialists who promptly, accurately and efficiently answer the email queries of customers. This will improve customer satisfaction and boost the performance of business. Our offshore email management services in India bring a balance of work particularly between peak and off-peak periods. This helps to make optimum utilization of resources and time as well. We give our clients a delightful experience ofhaving lower call volumes and thus cutting huge costs related to voice support.

Our Email Management services include:
    • Marketing services
    • Technical problem resolution
    • 24×7 online support
    • Live customer support
    • Complaint registration & its resolutions
    • Deliver first-hand information on products and services

Our Email Management services cover:
    • Product inquiries
    • Order taking
    • Order fulfilment
    • Query resolution
    • Feedback to inquiries
    • Requests on product or service
    • Customer guidance to collect data
    • Payment inquiries & documentation
    • Troubleshooting for products & services With email management, we also provide chat support that enables customer care executives to make customers available with the web alliance and co-browsing aid. Our chat support is a form of web collaboration that makes customer care representatives and customers to share a common display space.

TOI delivers a commitment of handling emails of customers on behalf of its clients with robust technology, trained manpower and efficient resources.
Good customer service is all about building reputation among prospective customer. This is what we believe at TOI, which deliver multi-channel customer service experience through a robust communication- based system, comprising integrated systems, processes and people. With in-depth knowledge of our client’s needs and expectations, we engineer a world-class customer experience. Backed by our trained professionals, global contact center expertise and intelligent response mechanisms, our customer support offerings maximize business outcomes through handling of customer inquiries proficiently and productively.

What We Offer in Customer Support?:
    • Complaint Resolution
    • General Enquiry Handling
    • Account Setup & User Registration
    • Product Information Support
    • Order Taking Service
    • Order Enquiry Handling
    • Collections
    • Billing Query & Dispute Resolution
    • UP-sell and Cross-sell
    • Credit/Refund Process

What Makes Us Different?:
    • Integrated Customer Support Management
    • State-of-the-art Contact Center Platform, Equipped with Workable Systems & Tools
    • Delivery Model to OfferSpeedyConsistent, and Customized Customer Support
    • Integrated Global Delivery Model (Onshore, Offshore and Hybrid)
    • Wide-ranging Customer Service Capabilities through an Integrated Architecture
    • Extensive Experience across a Wide Variety of Industries
    • Multi-lingual and Multi-channel Customer Support

In order to make our clients having larger customer base, we provide excellent customer support for managing communication services between businesses and customers professionally. We have a team of skilled customer support specialists who greatly handle every enquiry of customer greatly so that we can stand upon our client’s expectations.
Every business wishes to build a strong competitive edge by generating highly qualified and targeted sales leads. We are prominent Call Center & BPO service providers, efficient in conducting a successful inbound and outbound telemarketing campaign.

Although telemarketing is a major communication medium in the Business Processing Outsourcing (BPO) sector, businesses have a tough time in building and managing an efficient telemarketing campaign due to handling of several other tasks. For this, offshore telemarketing service is the best option, which is provided by TOI. Our telemarketing services particularly include telephonic surveys, which are generally carried out over the phone. These are mainly used by medium and large sized businesses to reach out to their target customers by marketing their products and services in a successful manner. We provide telemarketing services across horizontals and verticals by knowing the needs of our clients and using our proven off-sourcing approach. As we believe that whenever our clients experience generate sales, it is our success as well; so we continue to serve with the workable telemarketing campaign and meet their expectations.

We have a skilled and trained team of telemarketing program managers who design, manage and implement truly flexible and customized customer centric telemarketing campaign in order to meet business objectives of our clients. So, leading companies and start-ups are completely depended on our telemarketing services.

We are specialized into the following telemarketing services:
  1. Business-to-Customers (B2C) Telemarketing
  2. Business-to-Business (B2B) Telemarketing
  3. Outbound Telemarketing
  4. Inbound Telemarketing
  5. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Telemarketing
For several companies, telemarketing has proved to be the best communication medium and dynamic & flexible way of reaching out to target audience in less time. And we at TOI has also proven to be best and trusted provider of telemarketing services.

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