Computhink and TOI Group Form New Strategic Alliance

Computhink, Inc. ( and Total OutSource Group of companies (, today announced  a new strategic alliance, synchronizing their objectives by leveraging their respective strengths and product lines: Contentverse ( ), ezEMRx (,  DGS Technical Services ( ), and Manufacturing of Engineering Components’ space.

Computhink is transforming business environments with digital business solutions. Joseph Wharram, President and CEO of Computhink, said, “We are excited to pool our respective industry-specific knowledge for the benefit of our customer bases. This opens the door for expanding our Enterprise Content Management solutions with new specific Medical, Technical Documentation, and Engineering vertical hybrid offerings. This alliance also paves the way for a new suite of ECM, Technical, Medical, and Engineering solutions on Enterprise Service Platforms”.

Total OutSource Group of companies, with over 1400 employees spread over five countries and 14 cities is a premier global company offering products & services for key industrial verticals like manufacturing, engineering services, healthcare services (including Electronic Medical Records), structural steel detailing, and technical documentation. They provide solutions in line with their clients’ needs for a dynamic environment where business and technology strategies merge. “By aligning our product and service offerings with the diverse array of Digital Business and Marketing solutions offered by Computhink, Inc.,” Amar Nuggehalli, President and CEO of Total OutSource Group of companies, said, “we will be able to significantly augment our products and services with seamless ECM function integrations not previously available.”

With their new strategic partnership, Computhink will use 2019 as a springboard for significant new and measurable value add for their customers. Joseph Wharram said, “Affordable Enterprise Content Management remains a vibrant and fast-growing segment. However, Specific Content Services, a hybrid of ECM and industry-specific solutions like those offered by Total OutSource Inc., are experiencing even greater demand and realizing even faster growth rates. That is something that we are committed to satisfying.”

Computhink and Total OutSource Group will also be collaborating on offerings in another growing vertical. “An added bonus is the digital marketing arm of Computhink Inc.” Amar said. “Together we will leverage digital marketing, web presence, and online instant interactions in all areas of our joint activities.”

Whatever industry you are in, customer interactions and feedback remain the one true gauge of acceptance, satisfaction, and performance. Wharram closed, “We strive to ensure that this remains in sharp focus, and is central to all our operations. With an enhanced level of information and data flow, you can improve operational efficiency and stay ahead of customer expectations.”

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