Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics

The Consumer Electronics Industry is today one of the most competitive markets globally. Given the rapid pace of advancement, the industry also witnesses perhaps the one of highest rates of obsolescence.

TOI empowers consumer electronics companies to maximize asset utilization and improve profitability by reducing time to market of new products and increasing the shelf life of your existing product lines.

Our services for the consumer electronics industry include the following:

  • Mechanical Engineering
    1. New product design, development and prototyping
    2. Radio receivers / Tablets / television displays / MP3 players / Video recorders DVD players / Digital cameras / Camcorders / Personal computers
  • Embedded Electronics
    1. Controller Circuit Design & Solutions for New/Existing product.
    2. Obsolescence Management
    3. End-to-End PCB Solutions for Embedded system
    4. SMC conversion
    5. PCB design
    6. RoHS ComplianceObsolescence management

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