Engineering Services


Product innovation is a key strategy for sustained growth. But rapid advances in technology and constantly changing global dynamics make product development riskier and more expensive than ever before. You need to get your latest products to the market ahead of competition while keeping costs under check.

TOI offers mechanical engineering services that allow you to take superior designs to market at lower costs. Our team of mechanical engineers employ the latest of tools and technologies to ensure greater product differentiation and hence, better competitive edge in the industry.

Our Service offerings include:

  1. Conceptual design
  2. Industrial Design
  3. Engineering Design
    • Sheet metal Design
    • Plastic Product Design
    • Sheet metal & Plastic integrated design
  4. Weldment Design
  5. Piping and Tubing Design
  6. Tolerance Stack up Analysis
  1. Jigs & Fixture Design
  2. Special Purpose Machines
  3. Mold & Press Tool Design
  4. Die Cast Die Design
  5. Test Rigs
  6. Manufacturing support
  1. Legacy Data Migration
  2. Reverse Engineering
  3. Re-Engineering
  4. Product upgrade
  5. Parts Standardization
  6. Change management (ECO/ ECM)
  1. CAD Customization
  2. Industrial automation
    • Process Integration
    • Process Optimization
    • Low Cost Automation
  3. Electronic Design automation [EDA]
  1. New Product Development and Prototyping
  2. Value Analysis and Value Engineering
  3. Reliability Engineering
  4. Finite Element Analysis [FEA]
  5. Computational Fluid Dynamics [CFD]
  6. Motion Analysis
  7. Concept renderings and Animations
  8. Prototype testing
  1. Wiring Schematics
  2. Cable Harness drawings
  3. Layout drawings
  4. Electrical and instrumentation Diagrams
  5. Electrical Bill Of Materials [BOM]
  6. Embedded Systems
  7. HMI Systems
  1. Language Translations
  2. Technical Illustrations
  3. Process Documents
  4. Parts catalog, eBrochures and Technical Manuals, Signage, Leaflets, Banners, New Letters, Mailer
  5. Operations & User Manuals
  6. Troubleshooting Guides
  7. Graphic & Web Designs
  1. Website creation and development
  2. Shopping Cart

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