Engineering Change Order (ECO)

An engineering change order (ECO) is a documentation packet that outlines the proposed change, lists the product or part(s) that would be affected and requests review and approval from the individuals who would be impacted or charged with implementing the change

Engineering Change Orders (ECOs) are an essential part of the product development process. Sometimes vendor alters a part which he supplies which leads to equipment re design/documenting the information up to date. Often time’s errors or malfunctions are not evident until testing and modeling, or once customer use reveals them.

To improve the Engineering Change Order process, any product manufacturing company require a certain amount of organizational change and the bandwidth to implement and maintain them. The reality is that most companies have a shortage of staff with the appropriate skills and time for ECO management.

Engineering changes occupies almost one third of total R&D capacity. Generally managing the Process of Engineering Change Orders is 30-50% of their engineering capacity and 20-50% of tool costs.

It’s not only an expensive process, it also consumes the valuable time and talent of testing, engineering and operations groups, taking them away from higher-value activities. Continuous revision simultaneously improves product development and impedes the process.

The longer it takes to implement a change, the larger the negative effects on the project.

TOI has a system in place to handle ECO/ECRs smoothly.

TOI understand the criticality, required skill set and continuity to upgrade client’s product knowledge which gives benefits to customers.

We have successful customers for whom all we are supporting from more than five years.

Case Study

Engineering Change Order - Case Study

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