Energy Industry

The energy industry includes companies operating in two divergent ends of the spectrum. On the one end are oil & gas and power companies that are mired by depleting resources, aging equipment and increasing cost of operations; on the other are alternate energy companies that are grappling with high cost of production. You need to find smarter ways to leverage your assets to maximize ROI. As your people work in demanding and sometimes inhospitable, conditions, you need to equip them with smarter and safer processes to reduce your operational risks. Added to this is the need for you to constantly assess the environmental impact of your operations.

TOI empowers energy conglomerates – oil & gas, wind energy, power  and energy OEMS – to achieve the seemingly divergent objectives of maximizing revenues, sustainability and return on investments through a range of engineering services:

  • Mechanical Engineering
    1. Piping and Ducting drawings
    2. Isometric and Spool drawings
    3. Process engineering and optimization: PFDs, P&IDs
    4. Layout optimization
  • Electrical Engineering
    1. Electrical and instrumentation Diagrams
    2. ECN & ECR changes
    3. Automation Engineering design
    4. Intool creation

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