Reverse Engineering

To re-capture the design, Physical components are measured using various measuring instruments and CMM. 2D sketches are prepared using the measured values, which is the input for creating 3D models and 2D production drawings in required CAD platform.

Following are few reasons for reverse engineering a part or product:

  1. The original manufacturer of a product no longer produces a product
  2. There is inadequate documentation of the original design
  3. The original manufacturer no longer exists, but a customer needs the product
  4. The original design documentation has been lost or never existed
  5. Some bad features of a product need to be designed out. For example, excessive wear might indicate where a product should be improved
  6. To strengthen the good features of a product based on long-term usage of the product
  7. To analyze the good and bad features of competitors’ product
  8. To explore new avenues to improve product performance and features
  9. The original CAD model is not sufficient to support modifications or current manufacturing methods
  10. To update obsolete materials or antiquated manufacturing processes with more current, less-expensive technologies

Our work:

  1. Swing check valves
  2. Work support
  3. Tool Cartridge assembly
  4. Snack vending machine
  5. Alternator assembly

Case Study

1.Reverse Engineering

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