Oil And Gas Industrial Services

Oil and Gas Industry

The Oil and Gas Industry is mired by challenges at various ends. With steadily depleting resources, exploration has become riskier than ever before downstream refineries are under constant pressure to increase output at lower costs and mid-stream companies are grappling with the sheer geographical spread of their assets.

As your people work in demanding and sometimes inhospitable, conditions, you need to equip them with safer processes to reduce your operational risks. Added to this is the need for you to constantly assess the environmental impact of your operations.

TOI empowers oil & gas conglomerates – upstream, downstream and mid-stream OEMS operating both onshore as well as offshore – to achieve the seemingly divergent objectives of maximizing revenues and ensuring sustainability through a range of engineering services.

  • Upstream
    1. Onshore
    2. Offshore
  • Downstream
    1. Refining
    2. Processing
  • Midstream
    1. Storage
    2. Pipelines

The following are our list of offerings:

  1. Structural and Civil Engineering
  2. Plant Design Engineering
  3. EPC Management
  4. Exploration Equipment Design
  5. Drilling Systems, Rigs and Pump
  6. Process and Utility Systems
  7. Mud Systems and Pumps
  8. Fire, hazardous materials & safety requirements
  9. Design for foundation / Skids / Pipes / Cable racks / Shuttering
  10. Piping design and modeling
  11. Equipment Engineering

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