Semiconductor Processing Equipment Design Services

Total OutSource, is one of leading Semiconductor Design Company in USA. Here are services offered by us:

  • Re designed various modules of PECVD, CVD, MOCVD, IBD etc. tools.
  • Designed wafer transfer module system, process chambers, vacuum & pneumatic system.
  • Reverse / Re-Engineering for Existing Product at various level.
  • Thermal and Flow analysis for shower head replacement projects.
  • Design calculations for various mechanisms like lift pin, rotatory gear, frame designs.
  • Developed new units such as Power Supply, Gas Box with components and cable/pipe routing.
  • Tolerance Analysis for new assemblies and modules.
  • Preparation of Customer Layout drawings.
  • Designed and Drafting support for turn-key projects.
  • Designed of Retrofit-Kits for the field replacement.
  • Controlling the version release of various documents through ECO/ECR cycle.
  • Handed Legacy conversion projects for better turnover.
  • Collaboration with SCM and purchase teams for inventory planning and management.

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