The Aerospace Industry is today at crossroads, working to meet divergent requirements of various stakeholders. While increasingly stringent statutory regulations with respect to safety puts you under pressure to constantly upgrade the quality of your inventory, the rapid proliferation of low cost commercial airlines puts your top-line under pressure. You need to monetize your investments in more ways than one.

TOI empowers you to reduce your cost of new product development and engineering services while also delighting your customers with a host of intelligently engineered in-flight amenities.

The following are our list of offerings:

  • Aircraft Interiors and Completions support
    1. Galley Insert Equipments
    2. Galley Plumbing – Potable & Grey Water Treatment
    3. Control Panels
    4. Cabinets & Periphery
    5. Forward and Aft Vanity
    6. Customized enclosures
    7. Custom Workstation
  • Cockpit display, Cockpit avionics and In-flight
    1. Cockpit Displays
    2. Embedded and Powers supply
    3. ATEs and Test Rigs
    4. PID controllers, DAQ/DATAQs
    5. Concept to Manufacture
    6. ATR Solutions
    7. Conduction/Convection Chassis
    8. Rugged Devices
  • Integrated Logistic support (ILS)
  • Electrical Engineering
    1. Electrical design and cable harness
    2. Control Panel design
    3. Embedded design
  • Technical Publications
    1. 100, ATA iSpec2200, S1000D
    2. IETMs
    3. Integrated Parts Catalog, Manuals

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