Product Design Companies

Industries are increasingly becoming larger and more sophisticated. Technology and engineering are often at the center of these mega-structures that cater to global demand for high quality products at great speed.

TOI empowers you to respond to your customer’s expectations by putting the focus back on engineering.

The following are our offerings for the industrial sector:

  • Mechanical Engineering
    1. Product Design and Analysis
      • Tanks
      • Enclosures
      • Walkways
    2. Proof of Concept
    3. Design research and workshops
    4. Design reports
    5. Modular system designs
    6. Castings
    7. Bill Of Materials [BOM]
  • Electrical Engineering
    1. Industrial Control System & Panel Design
    2. PLC Hardware Design & Software Programming
    3. Layout optimization
    4. Electrical and instrumentation
    5. Supply Chain Management Support for Legacy parts

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